Agency Developer

I help creative | marketing | design agencies with process driven, white-label development & client management services.

Sam Kim

With over 12+ years of industry experience, my main goal is to provide a peace of mind for all my clients.

My Expertise 🔥

Through the years, I've had the opportunity to work alongside various agencies, with a focus on two core frameworks:

WordPress and ReactJS.

Wordpress Development

I love WordPress. Not the Elementor or Beaver Builder plugin-fueled frankenstein-themes you see more than often.

I build fully custom WordPress sites utilizing ACF, CPTs and Gutenberg to ensure a fully scalable WordPress site.

ReactJS Development

Whether it’s headless or a web app, I’m very comfortable with various JS frameworks, such as React and Vue.

Similar to WordPress, I use best practices and bring a process-driven approach to ensure a fully robust & scalable product.

Client Management

I love working with clients. I have extensive background managing clients from small to fortune 500 companies.

I bring a process-driven approach to client management, instilling confidence and enjoyment throughout the whole journey.

My Process ⭐️

I believe in simplicity and being proactive.

I follow these 4 steps to ensure your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality standards.

1. Discovery & Learning

Our journey kicks off by doing a thorough assessment to determine all project goals and end-client requirements.

This complete and thorough understanding of all the essential details for your scope of work allows me to not only ensure your expectations are effectively met, but also get a better understanding of your business as a whole.

2. Roadmapping

Once I grasp a thorough understanding of your goals, we’ll collaborate to develop a roadmap that accommodates your client's budget, but most importantly - timeline.

Whether it’s development work, client management or project management, we’ll attentively tailor a roadmap together that effectively fits all your needs.

3. Applying

Once we agree on the scope of work and roadmap, we’ll proceed with the next set of actionable steps to get started.

Upon kick off, I’ll be sure to provide you updates on a daily basis to ensure your confidence and involvement throughout our entire journey.

4. Feedback

I like to have a comprehensive understanding of all the success criterias in our engagement in order to effetively meet your expectations.

This way, We'll be able to meet your clients' goals effectively, and also offer data-driven insights to support the success of the project.

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