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  • A reliable senior React developer with extensive experience in developing scalable web applications from scratch?
  • A ReactJS expert that has experience developing mobile applications using React Native?
  • A ReactJS expert that has experience developing desktop applications using Electron?
  • A React developer that has experience developing server-rendered applications using Next.js and state management libraries like Redux?
  • A React developer that has experience with data visualization, AR-VR based applications and real-time streaming / chat applications?

With over 12+ years of industry experience, I’ve had the chance to dabble with numerous javascript frameworks. In the end, React.JS became my go-to choice due to its strong community and the various features it offers OOTB.

I develop full-stack (including server-rendered) applications using the latest and industry’s most favored tools and libraries, such as: Redux, Next.js, Gatsby, Material-UI, Axios, Apollo GraphQL, TailwindCSS, and more.

I take full pride in my passion for helping B2B & B2C businesses like yours by becoming your reliable expert when it comes to anything related to JavaScript.

If you’d like to discuss any of my previous projects, I’d be more than happy to jump on a call with you!

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